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  • E N V O Y
  • Constantine - Is Coming to Fridays (promo)
  • Gotham: The Legend Reborn - Mythic Beginnings
  • The Flash - SDCC 2014 Promo
  • Arrow - Season 3 - SDCC 2014 First-Look
  • Guardians of the Galaxy - Extended Trailer
  • Spider-man Tokusatsu #1 - The Time of Revenge has Come!
  • The Death of Superman Lives; What Happened?
  • Dr. Strange (1978)
  • Thor: Trapped by Loki (1966)
  • What if Superman Punched You?
  • Behind the Drafting Table - Chris Roberson (2011)

Welcome to Cape Television

Cape Television is dedicated to streaming the finest entertainment-y content to the device in your hand or on your wall. We want to be your info hub for all things super-heroic. We're bringing a good time to your backpack and a party to your pocket.

The creators and secret architects of Cape Television love comics and movies and television and gum. We can't help you with the gum thing. But every month we'll give away a graphic novel, a digital comic, and a few other things laying around the office.

Cape Television hosts and streams the best television series, movies, documentaries and the odd video bits others miss. We also host movie trailers and stream puff-piece interviews with top creators talking about their work.

This awesome website and Roku Channel are step one. After that, we're coming to your other devices. After that we'll take a nap.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Cape Television website is designed to be more compatible with more devices. We do all of this so you can watch more TV. You're welcome.