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Paramount Theater in Austin

Once upon a time, Austin was a sleepy little college town that had a state capital and a lot of burnouts from the 1960s. The town was always pretty casual. Over time, it nurtured a vibrant music scene, launching a few music acts.

Fast forward to today, Austin is in flux with visitors deciding to move here in record numbers to enjoy that casual environment. People that wander into town are seduced by breakfast tacos, the live music and balmy nights. It hits a hundred degrees in the afternoon a time or two in the summer, but that's not an insurmountable problem. Traffic is a bit tedious, but it's not at California-levels yet. The real issue is the rent.

Like any boom town, there is a premium on privacy. Old-timey Austin businesses are getting squeezed out and not just because the owners invested in weed futures. Those hippie run shops are replaced by corporate weird shops which are not that odd at all. And apartment rents are doubling.

If this keeps up, we'll all move to Portland.

Bill Williams, in a Cyclopsian sense

Bill Williams

Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder of Cape Television

After graduating with a degree in Studio Art from the University of Texas, Bill Williams got his start in comics as an inking assistant for Keith Wilson. Now Bill is celebrating twenty years of creating comics. He currently holds the position of Editor with First Comics and generates content for three ongoing webcomics. In his comics career, Bill worked for IDW Publishing, DC Comics and Ape Entertainment among others. Partnering with IDW Publishing, he brought his creator-owned comic series SideChicks to ComiXology. Since then, he has launched a few new comics through ComiXology Submit under his publishing alter ego, Lone Star Press.

Ryan Addams, in a strange way

Ryan Addams

Chief Technical Officer and Co-Founder of Cape Television

Ryan Addams designs and develops applied technology solutions across a spectrum of markets for a variety of clients. In short, he's one of the hidden masters of the Internet. Formerly the Chief Architect of Internet marketing powerhouse SaleAMP, Ryan directed Fortune 500 industry leader Acxiom's transactional messaging SaaS, serving clients such as Sprint/Nextel, HP, and Sephora. He honed his abilities through 17 years of software, game and SaaS development, including technical and development team leadership at several early-stage start-ups.

Along the way, Ryan founded Ingenii Interactive Co. and designed and developed the award-winning MMO Materia Magica. The acclaimed RPG attracted and held a legion of loyal players worldwide for almost two decades. In 2013 he led the game property through a successful sale and transition to a Florida-based venture capital group.

He lives in the air conditioned areas of central Austin, Texas, with his orange tabby, Chile.

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