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Constantine: A Whole World Out There

Constantine: A Whole World Out There


In this episode, John Constantine and his pal Richie try to save some college students from themselves. In a twist, this story starts with four college students using an Egyptian spell to open a doorway. Without warning, the students plane shift to a spooky old house with a dark secret. Dark is the operative word here, nobody in the world of Constantine is very fond of the light switch. When the students start dropping dead in the real world, Constantine tracks the problem back to the shadow-filled old house where the students trespassed. To rescue the students, Constantine plans a home invasion.

There are terrifying special effects and trip graphics here. Technically, Constantine is a bit too CGI in the wrong spots, but its heart is in the right place. Now if only they had spent more time and cash on the script and direction of the show. One of the frustrating things about the Constantine show is that all of the pieces are in place for a great television series, but that's not the final product.

As of this writing, Constantine is dead. NBC cancelled the series due to low ratings and no other entity stepped in to tweak the show in an attempt to spin ratings straw into gold. The last of these reviews will have an autopsy of the series.

Episodes of Constantine can be found on HuluPlus because nothing goes away forever.

Points for using Warren Zevon's Keep Me In Your Heart.

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Overall Score: 80%

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