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iZombie: Method Head

iZombie: Method Head


This is a decompressed episode, with time passing as Christmas and New Years Day and a few more days roll by before a mystery arrives in the middle of the ongoing plot. A new dark thread appears in the central narrative, as Liv and her crew search for the tainted Utopium they need to fashion a cure. Before they can continue the search for the cure, they have to survive Zombie High.

This very funny, very meta episode concerns an actor who dies on the set of a television show called Zombie High. There is friction between Detective Clive and Liv as he has grown tired of her erratic behavior. Said behavior is caused by Liv's need to eat brains so she can't exactly explain things to her partner. Worth it just for the inside jokes about how well zombies work on television.

iZombie is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 100%

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