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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Star City 2046

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Star City 2046


After leaving 1980s Moscow, the time-traveling heroes and villains land in Star City in a dark destitute future where the city is ruled by a new villain calling himself Deathstroke. As part of the team works to fix the damaged Waverider so they can get back into the time-stream, the other half takes to the street in search of supplies. They run into trouble and a job opportunity.

One of the fictional time-device parts the team needs might be available at the Palmer Tech building in the back of the skyline. Now it has a giant "Smoak" across the front of it. That leads the team to the wreckage of the Arrow Cave and the debris of a failed heroic effort. There the team runs into what might be an Ernest Hemingway impersonator, or a broken hero. Fighting ensues. While that part of the show is stellar as usual, Victor Garber steals the show as the conflicted Professor Stein.

Legends of Tomorrow is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 80%

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