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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: White Knights


This time around on DC's Legends of Tomorrow, the team leaves the 1970s and heads for 1980s Moscow in search go the immortal killer Vandal Savage. In the decade since the team beat him, the killer has been making plans and working in secret on a big project. Rip Hunter and the crew of the Waverider infiltrate a lonely outpost to spoil his party.

Ray Palmer, the Atom, is out of his shrinking suit, out of his element and a nerd in any era. And good for him. Wentworth Miller as the thief Captain Cold steals every scene he's in. Kendra and Sara let their combat training go just a little bit too far. Speaking of fighting, the team spends more time fighting with each other than chasing bad guys, which makes them thoroughly modern. This show is getting better by the episode.

Legends of Tomorrow is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 90%

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