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iZombie: The Whopper

iZombie: The Whopper


Written by series creator Rob Thomas, this episode has a lot of crack and pop in the dialogue. It's a funny episode, and a deadly one as Liv feels the effects of her latest meal, the brain of a pathological liar. There are the standard nice bits of writing, someone finding the wrong corpse, a few funny place names including the Shady Plots Funeral Home. The major characters find new ways to slam into each other and make sparks.

The Max Rager thread is absent this time around except as their effects are felt through the ill effects suffered by New Hope. The rat called Hope died of the cure for zombie-ism, so the two people cured of that condition are on borrowed time. Plots accelerate when Major and Blaine hang out. Lives get tangled as the lead mystery plays out. This one is more like an episode of Veronica Mars in a good way.

iZombie is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 100%

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