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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Night of the Hawk

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Night of the Hawk


This week's destination is 1950's Oregon and a small town with a serial killer and racism around every corner. The tone is B-movie horror. The Time Jumpers settle in and wait and eventually investigate when they spot Vandal Savage and work to link him to the murders. Posing as a doctor in a psychiatric hospital, the immortal villain has a steady stream of patients and victims.

Weaving some of the Hawkman mythos into the episode, the team finds the true malefactor, a Hawkman villain with deep roots in Silver Age comics. There are elements of body-modification horror and superheroics with an ongoing ham-handed look at racism. After a nice twist on Rear Window, the team fights some monsters and makes a muddle of the time stream. The series is entertaining, and manages to pull off a genuine surprise, but it’s still a mess.

This show was renewed for a second season. Maybe they can use the extra storytelling real estate to work out some of the kinks and put on a really good show.

Legends of Tomorrow is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 80%

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