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iZombie: He Blinded Me... with Science

iZombie: He Blinded Me... with Science


When a research scientist has her face burned away, her body begins a tedious journey to a slab in the morgue. Parts of her brain become an ingredient in a nice soup which sustains our resident zombie, Miss Liv Moore. While on research scientist brain, Liv kicks in some helpful hints to Ravi who is searching for a cure of the disease as he leaves a trail of rat bodies in his wake.

Steven Weber is magnetic as the energy-drink soaked CEO of Max Rager. Veering from overly-enthusiastic to ragey to terrifying, he barks at Major and gives him a fresh list of potential zombies to erase. The body-of-the-week is filed away under the label "solved" pretty easily with much of the episode dedicated to world-building as Seattle's zombie environment heats up.

This Week's Awesome Bit of Writing is the name of a pirate-themed chain eatery... Heave Ho's Restaurant.

iZombie is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 100%

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