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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Left Behind

DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Left Behind


Hawkgirl, White Canary and the Atom are lost in 1958 in the beginning of this episode. Rather than hanging around in Vandal Savage's neighborhood, the trio heads East to Hub City. Eventually White Canary gets tired of being a third wheel, so she goes to the one place she feels she fits in, with the League of Assassins in Nanda Parbat. When the rest of the team arrives and executes a failed rescue attempt, things get interesting.

Meanwhile, Captain Cold and Chronos have a knock down fight. All of this leads to a superhero dogfight in the underground hideout of the League of Assassins. A surprisingly effective and entertaining hour of heroic bluster. Some things are of course a constant. Rip Hunter is a terrible captain. Nobody does hang-dog sadness like Brandon Routh as Ray Palmer. The best action players on the show are White Canary and Hawkgirl, who have an awesome sword-fight in this episode.

Legends of Tomorrow is on The CW, and on Hulu on your Roku.

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Overall Score: 70%

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