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Lord of the Jungle, Justice League, and Wolverine Premiere

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Wolverine: Not Dead Yet Premiere (hardcover)

Wolverine's past is full of nasty characters - but few as fiendish as the White Ghost, a murderous mercenary whom Wolverine thought he'd left for dead during his spy years! But this Ghost won't be laid to rest until he's run Wolverine through a gauntlet of Adamantium weapons, killing the mutant maverick with the very metal that's saved his life so many times! Unwilling to risk his friends, Wolverine stands alone in a story of intrigue, romance and devastation, culminating in a clash between two killers!

Lord of the Jungle (trade paperback)

Two legends of science fiction and fantasy literature collide in an epic crossover event! Tarzan, the legendary Lord of the Jungle, has claimed his title as a British nobleman, but his very life is threatened when a hunting excursion among high society goes disastrously wrong. Meanwhile, John Carter, the Warlord of Mars, responds to a veiled threat from his defeated enemies. Though separated by millions of miles, these champions of Mars and Earth are drawn together by a sinister cult and manipulated into a deadly confrontation. With their lives and those of their beloved Jane and Dejah Thoris on the line, can these iconic heroes put aside their differences and survive the Thern plot... and a thousand rampaging White Apes.

Justice League of America Hereby Elects (trade paperback)

Membership in the World's Mightiest Super-Team is earned in these classic stories from JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA #4, # 75, #105-106, 3146, #161 and #173-174 as Green Arrow, Black Canary, Elongated Man, Red Tornado, Hawkgirl, Zatanna and Black Lightning prove they have what it takes to join the JLA!

We were able to choose two winners for our FALL contest. The lucky blokes were Mel F. and Roy K. Congratulations, gentlemen! We sent them each a box of books and comics.

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