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Cape Television's fine history of providing free stuff to awesome people goes back into antiquity, as long ago as 2014! Here's what we've sent to the lucky winners of our random drawing to thank them for signing up for our email list.

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Sidechicks: The Mini-Comic! Your Free Gift for Subscribing

Sidechicks: the Mini-Comic!

As an immediate "We think you're awesome"* for subscribing, you'll get the 19-page SideChicks mini-comic (DRM-free PDF).

In this thrilling adventure, masked gunmen storm a swanky party. Melania Sophronia is there as a bodyguard on the arm of a rich old man. Fists fly as she puts on a colorful costume and stands in the way of the masked robbers.

* We mean this as sincerely as we can without actually meeting you.

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