Frequently-Asked QuestionsWondering about stuff and things?

  • If Cape Television is a Streaming Channel, why do you have a SHOP? +

    Wow. Surly question right off the bat. There are some hard costs to maintaining a website and transcoding the digital entertainment for the steaming channel. Cape Television is an Amazon Affiliate, so if you buy something from the shop, it will come from Amazon and we'll get a tiny share of the cost of the media you buy.

  • Where's Batman? +

    He’s a rooftop kind of guy unless he’s cruising for the chicks in spandex. Batman’s adventures are distributed by the nice people at Warner Home Video. With the website, we share trailers because they have an embed code. They want to share. The streaming channel is a little different. Cape Television only shows content where we have a clear license coming from a negotiated license agreement. We hope to work a deal with Warner at some point.

  • Isn't Cape TV a better name? You should change your name to that. +

    Does someone else have a question? No?

    We like the name Cape TV as well, but that name is owned by some nice people on the coast. We planted our name in unclaimed digital real estate.

  • Seriously, where’s Batman? +

    He’s off brooding and scheming somewhere. We’re waiting for him too. In the mean time, check out the interview with friend of Cape Television Matt Haley who drew Batgirl. He was interviewed for an episode of Behind the Drafting Table.

  • What’s Behind the Drafting Table? +

    Behind the Drafting Table is a show about comic book creators occasionally produced by Cape Television co-founder Bill Williams. The show is produced in cooperation with Channel Austin, the longest running public access television network in the United States. They’re always a little short, so if you like that show head over and kick them a buck.

  • Why isn’t your channel available on Apple TV? +

    We’re fans of the Roku device, so we started there. We’re coming to other devices as we get it right with the Roku.

  • Where can I get a Roku? +

    Follow this link and crack a credit card. (But not too hard, you might need more stuff later).

  • Why do I have to pay for my favorite show? +

    We’re not pirates. People that created your favorite show own it. Any cash you spend on programming gets split between them, the Roku people (who provide the pipeline) and Cape Television who curates the content.

  • Are you a cat person or dog person? +

    Cat. Unconditional love makes me uncomfortable. Next question.

  • Why aren't your giveaways open to people outside of the continental United States? +

    We pay the shipping charges on the free books and the postage would kill us. If you want to be in the contest, work out a deal with a pal in the US.

  • But what if I paid the postage to get the book to me? +

    No means no. Next question.

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