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The Comic Book Greats: Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman
  • 03 March 1991
  • United States
  • Runtime: 45:26


From the cover of Time Magazine to the back pages of Playboy Magazine, there are few places where the satire and wit of Jack Davis and Harvey Kurtzman has not appeared.

Creators of MAD Magazine's Alfred E. Neuman, E.C.'s Cryptkeeper, Little Annie Fannie, TV Guide covers and Humbug Magazine, Kurtzman and Davis stand tall in the field of comic book humor, wit and genius.

They reminisce with host Stan Lee about their early days at Timely and Atlas comics. The artists discuss both collaborations and independent projects and armed with only wit and a pen, display at the drawing board what made Kurtzman and David legends.

Produced in 1992.

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