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Spider-Man: Where Crawls the Lizard & Electro, the Human Lightning Bolt (1967)
  • United States
  • Runtime: 21:44


Itching for a fight, Spider-Man offers to fly to Florida to get pictures of the mysterious Lizard-man for his hot-headed boss at the Daily Bugle. In what could have been a lovely examination of tabloid journalism and the ethics of a paparazzi, the episode quickly degenerates to a fist fight. After whipping up a cure for the Lizard in minutes, Spider-man uses his webbing to make an airboat. Maybe Peter Parker wears a costume because as smart as he is, he hates his job

When Spidey sees Electro trying to open the safe at the home of his boss J. Jonah Jameson, he stops to take a photo. (Yeah, he hates his boss.) The police arrive and blame Spider-Man for the crime. Peter Parker invents a new kind of webbing and rather than go into the industrial adhesive business, he finds Electro and punches him. I’m with Spidey here, Electro’s mask makes it look like the villain has his head up the backside of a yellow starfish. Not realizing they go in a circle, Electro tries to escape on a roller coaster. Yeah. Electro gets caught.

Season 1, Episode 2

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